The Sin of Noiseyness

“The inward heart and mind of a man are deep.”

I like noise. I used to study in the cafeteria at Memphis State instead of the library. I still have to make a conscious effort to shut out noise. Not just the noise from my immediate surroundings, but that stupid inner voice I allow to get away with murder all day long.

I don’t pay it much attention during the day blended in with all the outside noise. I assure you if there’s any opportunity for silence, I will crush it by checking emails, cruising around social media, or reading something “good”. A discipline of silence is the only way to deal with the stuff that gets squeezed out of the deep recesses of my heart and mind. When I’m quiet, I have to deal with it. I need to deal with it.

I’m not alone. A major problem in our society is we are becoming more and more uncomfortable with sitting alone with ourselves. We have some good stuff down in the deep but there’s some scary stuff down there too. I know because I see a lot of it down there in all the comment sections.

This isn’t strictly a spiritual post either. But, the prophet Elijah had great successes. His inner voice kicked in which resulted in a little private pity party. Known as a PPP in some circles(I just made that up). God sent him up on the mountain. There were furious winds, an earthquake and fire but God only spoke to him in a still, small voice. When Elijah heard the voice he covered his face and listened. God asked him “what are you doing here?” And began a little counseling session that put him back on solid ground. He remembered his God given purpose.

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