ME is Billy Murray Jr.

I used to think about things then I’d journal them. Every once in a while I would be tempted to share my ideas with others through email or Facebook but I would either rewrite it and be less than honest or just delete it and go on with my life.

Then I decided I would blog my ideas. I wasn’t confident about blogging so I did so anonymously for a couple of years. I was concerned that moving from a journal to blogging in public domain would result in me still trying to be less than honest. Anonymous blogging helped me grow up and realize…I pretty much shouldn’t care what people think if I’m being truthful and doing something I like. I just want to write and write better.

So now, “After I Think About It” I blog it.

Here I am when I was six or seven years old(dude on the left, sisters behind me):

Here I am at fifty-one years old(that’s not my pink backpack)

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