What I’m telling you is true and it might be true of you as well.

I bought into every angle of the Hannah Montana empire. I bought posters, purses, and shirts; I’ve lost track of all I’ve bought for my daughter when she went through the HM phase of life. It seems like yesterday I was sitting on the couch next to my daughter watching Miley and Billy Ray on Hannah Montana. It seems like I just pulled down the Hannah Montana poster off her wall.

There were tons of cheap trinkets; the concerts where the ones that almost required small loans to buy tickets. My wife and I paid a premium price for all three of our daughters to go to the first Hannah Montana concert in Memphis. We monitored Ticketmaster all day waiting for tickets to be released until we finally snagged three. On concert day we were able to take them inside the Fedex Forum, find their seats, and go sit in a Forum restaurant with other exiled parents without buying tickets.

Multiply us by millions of other mothers and fathers that did the exact same thing and you have an empire only second to Donald Trump.

Then came the kiss of death, “Daddy, Hannah’s favorite book is the bible!” Great. Now I get to watch her self destruct. She’s been funny and pretty and wholesome but now she’s talking about the bible. I know how this goes: a celebrity talks about their faith and the bible, they get rich, then they forget Jesus and drag him through the mud. It’s unfortunate but whenever a celebrity announces that they agree with any part of corporate Christianity(church, the bible, Jesus, etc…), it’s just a matter of time before they crash big time. There’s a lot that causes this but it looks this simple on the news.

Not long after the first concert, Miley set out on her Hannah Montana AND Miley Cyrus tour. She came through Memphis, and like idiots, we bought tickets but this time my wife went with only my youngest daughter. She’s the one that was really sold out for Miley. I cringed when she came home after the concert and announced, “she’s a freak!” and my wife announced that we would no longer be supporting the Miley Cyrus empire. Butt cheek exposure was the cause. She wore shorts so short that her butt cheeks were exposed.

But then, the other night, Miley Cyrus’s career “kiss of death” came via her freakish MTV Video Music Awards performance while I was slept peacefully. You can Google it yourself to see if you haven’t already. News story after news story greeted me first thing that morning when I woke up.

Bottom-line, I shouldn’t have allowed someone outside my family to be lifted up on such a high pedestal by my daughter. I shouldn’t have spent so much money on such a young star when I knew I would be contributing to her horrible end. I should have started praying for Miley as soon as my daughter pointed out that her favorite book is….was the bible.

I know, it’s not really career ending. There are people that will eat her up as the new Lady Gaga, the 2013 Madonna. She’ll continue to make the big bucks and be popular but her career as a Christian has been dashed against the MTV rocks.

I can only blame myself. But it’s never too late to start praying. So I will add her to my prayer list alongside Ozzy Osbourne.

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