Truth can sometimes hold you hostage. But it is usually that way because you lack knowledge, lack experience or are just purely fearful. Someone you trust gives an order and because you trust them and are not familiar with the situation, you obey. You may be anxious or nervous but it doesn’t feel like bondage. You feel safe because someone is looking out for you. Bondage to truth is for your own protection.

We place ourselves in “bondage” to responsibilities to help and protect ourselves, and others. We can walk away from our responsibilities but it will be detrimental to ourselves and possibly to others.

Real bondage is when you feel like you must do something but you know you absolutely don’t. This bondage is almost always based on a lie, either subtle or bold face.

Here’s a little bondage I’ve noticed in my own life this week:
*if I don’t do it, someone/everyone will think less of me
*if I’m late getting my kids somewhere, I am a failure.
*i have to explain everything to my kids and it must make perfectly logical sense or I will seem stupid.

Failure, failure, failure. The lie is always the same, it is an attempt to see myself as a failure. I’m here to tell you that life is about being real and letting the chips fall where they may. I’m not perfect and I will fail but most of the stuff I worry about are insignificant in the story of my life.

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