First post of 2010 and first serious blog post

I created a blog account and completely forgot about it. I’m a techie so sometimes I do things like that just to consider myself as having my foot in the door. At the time of creation “blogs” in my neck of the woods had a negative smell about them. Two churches had some inner turmoil and a lot of the garbage was driven by bloggers. If there was any truth it was lost in the all the church terrorist chatter….the haters. So even if I wanted to blog when I first opened this account it would have been some comments to all that other garbage.

Well, the smoke has cleared on the blog front and I ran across my blog login and password and they still worked. So, I will now give blogging a shot. I’ve been Facebookin’ but putting my thoughts out there has been a little like shouting in a train station. The noise from all the other Facebook activities drowns out anything that is posted and worth talking about. How can you discuss anything worth while when every 10 minutes or so you get an update from friends playing Mafia Wars or Farmville….too distracting.

I have no plan or agenda other than to put thoughts down as my brain cranks them out. I’m hoping I won’t measure my thoughts and words too much.

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