My annual rededication to writing

“If you desire to think, to write, and to speak like the Prophets, the Apostles, and the Saints, you must give yourself up, as they did, to the inspirations of God.”

-Jean Pierre de Caussade

It’s not my desire to be like an apostle, but I do desire to write so much that I make myself miserable when I see that I rarely do.

I logged off Facebook because of the thought consuming mind suck it had become and because I read another quote…

“The artist may well receive the first taste of infused prayer . . . and often quite soon in their spiritual life, especially when the conditions are favorable: but, because of this tragic Promethean tendency to exploit every experience as material for ‘creation,’ the artist may remain there all his life on the threshold, never entering into the banquet, but always running back into the street to tell the passers-by of the wonderful music he has heard coming from inside the palace of the King!”

-Thomas Merton

I was looking at life as a source for clever little things to post which was satisfying my need to write while “never entering the banquet”.

I dumped all social media about six months ago except for TikTok(I post nothing. It’s like watching tv). However, I still catch myself thinking in terms of framing a thought or experience for a snappy little Facebook post. Not as often as before but it reveals to me how I’d slipped into a dangerous post centered life.

It’s not really life is it?

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