I Need Guidance

I’m at the hospital hanging out with my father-in-law. He seems to be doing better.

I’ve been up here a few times and am a regular at Starbucks, the cafeteria, the crappy coffee machine in the ICU waiting room, Robert’s ICU, and the Emergency room.

Navigating the halls between all these is not intuitive. I usually cut through the Emergency room for a little people watching on the way to ICU. The only way I can make it to ICU is by following the signs. On a few trips around the building, I did’t pay attention and ended up going past my turn. When things don’t look familiar, I have to go back to check the last sign to get back on track, and sometimes even remind myself where I was going in the first place. Even if I don’t pay attention, as long as the signs are there, who can be against me?

Similarly, my mobile phone and Google can answer most questions and find directions to just about anywhere in the world in a few seconds. I can draw my phone in seconds and leave my brain in energy save mode.

Life events tend to wake you up!

“You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.”

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