A little bit of Grace

A tree was down across our road out in the country. My son found this out on the way to school and had to back up to turn around. It was a little dark still so he ran off the road into some mud and got stuck. I picked him up at 6:45am and took him to school. My plan was to get it towed after I got my daughter off to school later.

My daughter and I sat at the end of the driveway and watched a county official in his truck blocking the opposite end of our street from any thru traffic because of the work being done on the downed tree. We then watched her school bus drive right past the blockade without even attempting to come rescue the one student on the street.

So out I set taking another child to school. I work from home so this is a pain in my day to say the least. I figured they should have the street cleared and took her to school in the same direction as my son’s car. That was a smart choice because there was a Sheriff  with all his lights flashing checking out the car.

I approached, rolled down my window and said “that’s my son’s car”.
Seeming to be a little irritated, he said “well I’m fixin to tow it”.
My first thought was that if I let him know I’m going to handle this, he’ll drive away happy.
“I’m was going to take my daughter to school then call a tow truck”, I proudly let him know.
“Well, if you leave I’m calling a tow truck now because I have to stay here until this car is moved. It’s a hazard sticking out in the street.” It was off the road but one corner was hanging out on a street that really only me, my eight neighbors and that sheriff use.

I’m already behind with work and don’t want to go to the impound lot to get my son’s car so I asked if I could call AAA to tow it to my house. He agreed and my daughter started freaking out because she was going to be late. Then, AAA tells me the tow truck won’t be there until 11am; it’s 8:45. That was not going to work for him.

I could tell he wasn’t happy with me. And he had every right to tow the car because to him it was a hazard to other drivers even though I thought it wasn’t. He was definitely defending the public and following the rules, “once I’m here, I can’t leave until the problem is resolved!”

“I’m calling a tow truck and it’ll be here in 20 minutes. You take your daughter to school and it’ll be here by the time you get back.”
I asked if they would take it to my house and he said they’d take it wherever I wanted since I would be paying for it.

As I sped off, my daughter said, “can’t he give you a ticket for speeding?”

As grumpy as he was, I found myself thankful of something. He showed me grace. He may not have realized it or intended to but he did. In my mind, my daughter was going to be late to school and I was going to have to pickup my son’s car at the impound lot. Because of his little kindness, neither one of those things happened.

When I returned I chatted with him for a few minutes before the tow truck arrived. It turned out he’s just a normal guy with a grumpy kind of disposition. He said that son of mine needed some driving lessons. I was still thankful.


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