Let’s Take a Deep Breath….

It’s Christmas season. By Christmas season, I mean it’s not Thanksgiving yet. But being in a thankful spirit, Christian social media junkies have pulled out their social media shotguns and are firing at Starbucks. If you must ask why, just Google “Starbucks Christians” and you’ll be caught up immediately. This all heated up after a post from Joshua Feuerstein calling for some Christian tomfoolery. After that, it appears that the internet and other Christians went crazy. My favorite headline reads “Arizona pastor says Starbucks hates Jesus”.

I would just like to take time out of my day to thank all those involved for giving me another topic I know I will have to discuss with a non-believer before listening to anything about Jesus. I’ve had many spiritual discussions with people trying to sort out the strange things Christians say or do. Like when my uncle got saved. A branch of Christians called “Southern Baptists” were boycotting Disney. He had the whole trip planned for his family but made the mistake of getting saved. He pulled me aside at a party wanting to know what was the “right thing” to do -go to Disney or cancel. I’m reminded of discussions in the past about something Jerry Farwell or Robert Tilton said. These discussions are more important to outsiders than Jesus because if Jesus makes you do things like that, they don’t want any part of Christianity. I know because I had the same mindset before I got saved.

If you want to read and article that wraps up exactly how I feel, read this by Matthew Paul Turner. Christians in the United States have a very tainted view of religious persecution.

How about this….instead of telling the Starbucks barista your name is Merry Christmas so that they’ll blurt out something that may mean nothing to them, how about you tell them you love and follow Jesus and you are sorry for everyone of your relatives with the same name.

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