What do you stand here idle all day?

Western Christians are works-driven more than grace-driven. Our churches, while they preach grace, are constantly creating programs to do more when they should be equipping us to dwell boldly in our own personal worlds. And as individuals, when we feel distant from the Lord our first response is to do something -more bible study, more prayer, more service- instead of drawing nearer to God.

In Jesus’s time, much of Jesus’s teaching was done in the marketplace and he used stories about the marketplace. In the parable of the laborers, the master kept returning to the marketplace throughout the day to find new people waiting for work. Apparently, the type-A’s were out there early and the lazy ones came out late.

What strikes me about this parable is how it could parallel our tendency to check in and out of life throughout the day. We should constantly look for opportunities to apply scripture and our spiritual gifts. We should be on the lookout for God working around us in our daily activities but we struggle with the things that distract us. In other words, we’re not always there. We should BE where we ARE. If I’m working, my mind shouldn’t be somewhere else. If I’m with my wife or children, my mind shouldn’t be somewhere else. Not being in the moment leads to being spiritually idle.

Instead of worrying about what we should do, we should simply avoid letting our minds go idle.

Matthew 20:6

Forgetting Jesus http://wp.me/p2FKbD-8V

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