Do you believe I am able to do this?

“I GOT THIS”. That’s what I declare when things aren’t going as planned. I devise a plan to get back on track and everybody better step back or get in line. That seems to always be my first response no matter how hard I’m trusting Jesus. Then I either solve the problem myself and praise my own efforts, or I begin to realize I have no control(or am out of control). Eventually I see my blindness and helplessness and cry out to Jesus.

Two hopelessly blind men heard about Jesus healing people. Their blindness was accepted as something they had no control over. It’s possible that at some point in their journey all other routes to healing had been exhausted by these men or their parents: physicians, repenting, praying, and fasting. They had faced the facts a long time ago; they were blind men. As Jesus passed by, they cried out to Him while others were telling them to shut up. Jesus asked them, “Do you believe I am able to do this?” They said, “Yes, Lord.” and Jesus said, “According to your faith be it done to you”. They were healed; they could see. A seemingly impossible situation was broken with a simple act of faith. If they had just gone to him sooner…

I want to see God work in any and all situations in my life but the only way that’s gonna happen is if I start bringing any and every situation to Him. Until I do this, when the trial is over I will only recognize my own glory which, whether I see it or not, is pitiful and sad next to God’s. It seems I’ve taught myself that God isn’t interested in all the little things that I can handle therefore I don’t need to bring them to Him. Let’s be honest, is God really concerned with my hangnail when there are people starving to death in China or wherever? I unconvincingly tell myself yes but inside I don’t mean it.

God loves us and is equally concerned for each one of His children. The situations we find ourselves in are just tools for God to be glorified through us. We should acknowledge Him in all situations, but instead we pick and chose and miss out on how He is glorified each time. He is glorified, and that’s the key; He doesn’t want us to miss how he is glorified.

After the two men were healed, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut even though Jesus told them not to tell anyone. If we would learn to acknowledge the power of Jesus Christ in every situation, maybe we would respond the same way more frequently.

Matthew 9:28
Forgetting Jesus

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