What do you have?

You know when Jesus told Matthew to follow him all he said was “follow me”. He told Peter “follow me”. It appears there or no prerequisites or interviews to find out if you’re worthy to follow Jesus. Then one day the disciples had the bright idea to send 5000 people away from Jesus to find something to eat, but instead, Jesus fed them all with five loaves and two fish. Then later, as if they weren’t even there for the 5000, the disciples were worrying about how they could possibly feed 4000. Jesus asked “how many loaves do you have?” They had seven and some fish which Jesus multiplied to feed the 4000. No big surprise.

We only need what we already have to serve others. We don’t need to muster up some super spirituality, deep bible knowledge, and great speaking ability or have a following to serve others. We only need what God has already given us. That’s all we really have.

Matthew 15:34
Forgetting Jesus http://wp.me/p2FKbD-8V

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