Forgetting Jesus

It’s the day after Easter, also known as the beginning of the months where everyone gets sucked into forgetting about Jesus. Until Christmas, of course, when he is born again, and we start the new year hoping we remember Jesus more than last year. I was challenged at the end of last year by Pastor John Nix. Quoting from Matthew 17:5, he called for us to read scripture and listen to Jesus. “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”

Prior to this new call, I had been on an annual pilgrimage for 29 years of reading the Bible in various forms: One Year Bible, Chronological Bible, and straight up, regular ol’ Bible. I was doing a lot of reading and a little obeying it seemed; I was getting the reading done but that was it. I decided I would try only reading the New Testament which went well for a couple of years. Then, after Pastor John’s challenge, I decided that this year I would only read the Gospels so that I could concentrate on what Jesus was saying. I started with Matthew and I’m still there. I’ve read it several times and I’ll move on when I please. There will be no rushing.

One of the things that has caught my attention were the questions Jesus literally asked and some that He seemed to ask. I think in the past I’ve glazed over them as if I was eavesdropping on a specific personal conversation that didn’t pertain to me. This time, even if they didn’t seem to apply, I tried hard to make them apply to my life and then wrote a daily devotional to myself and a few others(for accountability).

In effort to spur others to not forget Jesus these early days after our celebration of his resurrection, I’m going to post the devotionals I’ve already created until I run out. If you follow along, please remember I’m a rookie writer and I’m no theologian.

My first post will be tomorrow.

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