Why saying “God told me….” makes you sound crazy like Alec Baldwin

Why saying “God told me….” makes you sound crazy like Alec Baldwin

Most of the time when people tell me that God showed them or told them something, it freaks me out. I am a Christian who totally believes in God but in my life of faith I’ve been wrong so many times in my estimates about what God has showed me that I know better than to make that claim.

I do think God will guide our decision-making if we are devoted to him but when I read Alec Baldwin’s comment about God showing him who his next wife might be, my first thought is he’s crazy because I don’t think he’s a Christian, I don’t think he knows anything about God so I doubt he heard God say anything. I judge him out of the gate.

My second thought is that it’s very possible that people think the same thing about me or you when we make those claims even if we are devout believers in God.

Unless you’re making this claim to close friends of faith, there’s a good chance your listening audience will think you’re crazy, Christian or not.

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