The Stupidity Factor

Social media would be so much better and genuine if people only posted what is really on their mind. Re-posts are only permissible if you feel you have something to share . For example in real life when someone tells you a funny joke, funny enough to make you laugh, you feel that you have to share it with someone else. That same principal should be you guide for a valid re-post: it’s something that speaks to your heart.

But, when all you do is re-post everyone else’s posts, then you become an embarrassment. Some of us signed up for Facebook and Twitter to see what defines our friends. A shocking truth is that when you post what you are eating, that defines you and as much as we hate it, it’s genuine. When you seem bipolar from day to day, we love it! When you lash out, we don’t even care if it’s about us.

However, if you regurgitate posts from others with a little comment like “lol”, I speak for many when I say this method is despised. If you disagree….you are probably doing this very thing.

If it’s something that we feel defines you, we’ll let it slide. If you post a bible verse everyday for three months and nothing else, we will remove you from our newsfeed.

It’s easy to repost. It’s hard and you make yourself vulnerable when you post from your heart. Good or bad, we love it.

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