Prank Texting

I received a text from a number I didn’t recognize Saturday, “Wud”. That’s not a word so I thought someone butt-texted me. It turns out that it’s text lingo for “what u doing?” I had to Google it so that I wouldn’t have to ask any of my children and embarrass myself.

I responded “??” and received the reply “U singale”. I’m guessing this means “Are you single?” in normal people talk. 
In my short history with this person I was able to guess that their IQ level may be lower than normal and their attention span very short. It seems they started out checking on someone “What are you doing?” but when they realized they sent it to the wrong person, they forgot about their friend and seized the opportunity to meet an hot new friend. Male or female didn’t matter I guess, “Are you single?” Anyway, I decided to abuse their handicaps. I’m a techie and I know how frightening and intimidating techie talk can be so I formulated a plan to test the intellectual boundaries of my friend.  
My next two texts were…
Which were followed by…
“U what” 
And then a confession…
“Wrong number”
Notice how they got all formal and didn’t use “#”?

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