Bored with a Purpose

Everybody was in bed by 10. At 10:30 I sat in front of the tv because I’m not tired or ready to go to bed. So I’m still sitting in front of the tv completely bored. Over 100 channels and I can’t find something worth watching. Currently I’m parked on Lethal Weapon IV. I used roman numerals just to make it look better than it is.

In the old days this would be when I’d jump in the car and go to a bar. But I don’t drink any more so I’m doing all that I can do: watching tv and blogging. Before that I was Facebooking and Twittering.

It’s midnight now and I guess it would have been a better idea to just read a book. That was not on the table since I just wanted to turn my brain off and let someone else tell me a story. Reading tonite would have been work but it would have been more productive than channel surfing.

But tomorrow night my wife and I are spending the night out. dinner, carriage ride, spend the night at a ritzy hotel, and breakfast in the morning.

I’ll make it until then.

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