Kids vs Adults

I don’t know why but it seems that I get more weird happenings in my life when I’m out and about than most people. I have some friends that I will tell them things that happen to me and they look at me like they think I’m lying. It seems to me that while other people might have someone open a door for them or tell them they dropped a dollar, I get the Statue of Liberty crossing the street in front of my car waving at me with big hands like you wear at football games. You tell someone that and they will look at you like you are still doing acid or smoking pot.

So, today I had an appointment and stopped at Panera Bread to crack open the laptop and see what’s happening at work. But I can’t shake the conference call I’m on so I’m just sit in my GMC Envoy office listening to people in another part of the country who do what I do talking about how great they are and what’s going on. So I’m in this 11 year old family SUV again when a new, black Dodge Charger pulls up and parks next to me on the driver’s side. The passenger, a twenty-something looking girl, opens the door and nails my car. My phone’s on mute so I roll down the window and before I could say anything she said “You’re ok!”. She meant the car not me but being 50 years old I would almost consider that she was hitting on me. She didn’t even glance at her friend driving the brand new Charger to say something to her. I told her “I’d make sure that car’s ok. This is a piece of junk”. Rolled my window up and continued to listen to the stupid conference call.

So here’s what shocks me. I have five kids from 22 years old down to 9 years old. Everyone of them have been taught from the time they were able to get in and out of the car by themselves to watch their door when they open it next to something. My oldest opened his door one time when he was 8 years old and the door nailed the car next to us. It left a mark so I left a note with my name and number. No one every called.

That girl seemed very nice and genuinely concerned about my car so I’m not judging her. I just can’t understand how as an adult you get out of a car in the middle of a parking lot and just sling the door open. On the other hand, I would love to go through life not worrying about stuff like that too. I secretly admire people who can sling open car doors, belch in public, cut in line, and hang up on “important” conference calls.

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