1 Monday down, 1 Monday to go before vacation

As I get older my productivity begins to drop earlier and earlier in the weeks prior to a vacation. Our upcoming vacation in March to the Gulf of Mexico is already extremely distracting to me doing anything proactive at work or at home. It seems that every thought I have related to a new idea or project gets the “wait until after vacation” status thrust upon it. And I don’t care. I’m getting the job done and that’s about it.

My Facebook, Twitter, and blogging activities have definitely increased as well. I think I’ve moved from maybe one post on FB or Twitter to around three. I am exhibiting some control in just posting three. I struggle with posting all my beach thoughts because I feel it would keep me from actually working. But to stay honest I am holding back on my posts which is a big downer.

My main “project” right now is loading up iTunes with some great tunes to listen to while on the beach. Focusing on the 80’s hits I am building quite an arsenal for any and every occassion while in beach world. My goal is to stay on the beach all the time except when I need to eat or sleep. If I can’t remember what the inside of the condo looks like when I get back home I will have accomplished much.

So at the end of this second to the last Monday before vacation, I have done what is required of me in my job….no more, no less. I promise to come back fully invigorated and ready to conquer that list of ideas on the first Monday of my return. I am trusting if they are good ideas I will remember them because I am NOT writing them down.

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