Obligatory post

I just returned to the house from a visit to the doctors office and then to a customer site. Both were non-eventful stops with not even a slight bit of interest to report about. However the drive was pretty interesting because it was like a hamster took control of my brain. I had a little free time and couldn’t decide what to do before making the haul home. So I was going to go buy a shoe store for runners to look at some better shoes.

(I am not a professional runner. I have been running for two months with some old tennis shoes. They work great on a treadmill but I went running on some cement last Saturday and it tore my knees and legs up. I don’t that last sentence in the last paragraph leaving you with the impression that I’m a big runner. )

Started east toward the shoe store. I changed my mind. I had heard Borders might be going out of business. I thought I might catch some deals so I turned into the Borders parking lot to look for going-out-of-business sale signs. There were none. I started to go back home but went back west to stop at Krystal for lunch. I forgot that the Krystal I thought I was going to hasn’t been there for 10 years so I went to Taco Bell and headed to the house. This whole time I’ve been smelling something chemically pleasant in my car. I opened the back hatch on my SUV to find the lost dishwashing liquid I purchased yesterday. It had leaked a lot in the back. The reason it was back there is because I bought three things at Sam’s yesterday and only took two in the house. Later, I wondered what happened to the liquid and concluded I had left it in the basket at Sam’s.

Does that last paragraph sound like the doings of a sane person???? I don’t think so and have nothing left to add.


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