2011 Proclaimed "Year of Chaos"!

I know this is not theologically correct or socially acceptable but I am pondering intentionally making this a year of chaos. I don’t mean the kind of chaos that involves robbing banks, doing drugs or disrupting the lives of other family members. I intend to evaluate a situation and go for what is new and unknown. It might rock some family members but it won’t be totally irresponsible. Some of you may read this and think “that is my life!!” and I bet you long for more order in your life…right? I have tooooo much order and want to dislodge it. It’s a given that I will pick the path of least resistance. I already told someone earlier in the day that I prefer the EASY button over any other option.

I’m going to follow the model set by George Costanza from Seinfeld when he did opposite day. He started doing everything that was the opposite from what he would do normally and had huge successes including getting the babe. I’m married so that can’t be one of my goals.

I’m not making a bunch of big decisions so I have to ask myself, what am I expecting? What kind of situations are going to occur where I could invoke chaos? Here’s a few examples of how I would have chosen chaos in decisions I made last year:

1)Decision: Oct 2010, we decided not to go to the beach with friends because the kids would miss 3 days of school. Chaos: Screw the school they would have missed three extra days. My kids will remember skipping school and being at the beach and appreciate it much more than avoiding unexcused absences.
2)Decision: Appendicitis, November 2010, I went back to work 3 days after surgery before even following up with doctor. Chaos: Work will get along without me for an extra 3 days. I’m a moron for missing paid leave and the rest I needed.
3)Decision: Fiat Spider, mid-August, found a beautifully restored Spider for $6000 and out of guilt didn’t buy. Chaos: BUY IT and drive my wife around the entire fall.
4)DC July 4th trip, met my TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn and had photo op. Chaos: after tour of the House and photos I would have told her I trusted my dog more than anyone in Washington including her.

Those are just a few that stood out. I’m going to have to think of some more just to practice so that I don’t miss opportunities in 2011. THINK IT, SAY IT, DO IT…LIVE IT!

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