Technical New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not real big on New Year’s resolutions at all. I may reflect on the year and think of some things I want to accomplish over the next year but I have long given up nailing myself to goals I know I’ll never keep.
One thing that I will commit to is that I will get rid of by Facebook account 12/31/2010. Many times this year I’ve gotten so fed up with FB that I’ve almost deactivated my account. I work on computers so I am in front of a computer all day. I have company software that has a real-time messaging system(email), I have Outlook open for personal emails, and I Twitter, Facebook, and blog. I feel the time I spend on each of those is productive EXCEPT FB. FB sucks the life out of me and officially falls into the “waste of time” category in my life. That is definitely a category in my life that needs to be cleared up.  My time on FB reminds me of how I get when I go out of town on business and am sitting in my hotel. There’s peace and quiet and I think “I’m gonna read a book”. Then I tell myself I’m just going to peak at what might be on and the next thing I know it’s 2am and I can’t muster up enough discipline to turn the thing off to go to bed! The next morning I wake up feeling like I stayed up all night smoking crack.
If I could just read my friend’s status updates I’d be ok. But no, I have to scroll through tons of causes, game results, posts with “important” links, and updates with what my “friends” LIKEd.  In the middle of all that scrolling or typing occasionally the pc slows down, my keyboard stops responding and when it finally frees up a chat pops up with something profound like “hey” from one of my extremely boring, introvert friends. When it happens and I know it’s coming, it’s like nails being shoved into my temples and my life starts to drain out of me. It is NEVER a lively, fun and interesting friend wanting to chat. I will follow “hey” with “hey” and then they will liven up and say something like “zup?”. Sometimes I just close Internet Explorer to simulate a power outage.

So another thing I have committed to doing next year is to start tweeting. It is not complicated and is simply about following, being followed, and posting stuff….no other distractions! I know when people I follow retweet, it can add unwanted noise just like the FB noise. However, outside of Twitter there are applications to post and read Twitter that will allow you to filter tweets and do all kinds of neat stuff to KEEP it simple.  

The reason behind starting this blog and keeping it anonymous along with the Twitter account was to learn to express myself openly and honestly, something I decided to do at the beginning of 2010. My friends and family expect certain behaviors and tones and I’m trying to break out of that box and communicate freely. I don’t feel I’m there yet but will continue on!

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