Practical Joke Purge(so I’ll quit thinking/laughing about it)

I have been Twitter/Facebookin’ all day long the last few days and noticed a wierd trend. When I am slow at work I stay busy with work and finding work to do. But my time on Twitter/Facebook drops. However, this week I have been getting my butt kicked and have been on both throughout the day each day. It’s like the busier my mind is the more crap bubbles up and needs to come out. Or maybe it’s from too much contact with other humans. Frequent interaction with other humans tends generate a need to purge thoughts.

But today I could stand it anymore. I ran across something on the internet about Chris Hansen(NBC’s Dateline reporter) and had a great idea. Don’t you know you could setup some awesome practical jokes if Chris Hansen was your friend? He’s known for busting pedophiles and playing the whole video for the world to see. You know where a cop goes online and acts like a 14 year old girl hoping to draw some pedophiles. After some chats and letting the wierdo fully explain what he wants to do to the fictious little girl they arrange a meeting at a house. The dude comes in usually carrying some beer and snacks walks right into Chris and his film crew. They fully interrogate him, dude walks out, and grande finale is totally how the cops end up taking  him down. It’s exciting at that point because no police have been in site so the perv just think the news crew busted them. They’re walking outside thinking “Whew!! Close one” when they are surprised again by the police. They rush in screaming “GET ON THE GROUND, GET ON THE GROUND!!!!”. The smart ones drop and the dumb ones look around like “WHAT???” and then get hammered by 2-3 cops and slammed to the ground. That’s where the thrill is. Awesome, and another perv off the street.
In my opinion Hansen really became well known from the “To Catch a Pedophile” series.
So, here’s what I’d do if Chris Hansen was my best friend or if I wanted to have an absolutely kick butt clip on Candid Camera or Punked. I would call one of my buddies (46 year old, happily married white male with children….I don’t know why the white part was needed) and ask him to come over to watch football. If he agrees then I’d ask him to pick up a six pack of beer AND ask him if he wouldn’t mind picking up some candy and a Barbie for my daughter to occupy her while we’re watching the game. “I’ll pay ya back”. He would come over, walk in the door with beer, Barbie and candy; I would have my daughter sitting on the couch, I’m out of site, and there’s Chris Hansen with his camera guy. Chris would blurt out that phrase that even makes my hair stand on end “Do you know who I am?” and my friend would WET HIS PANTS!!!

I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind!! I laugh as I think of the face of each friend as he recognizes the terrible predicament he’s in. There would always be the chance of me getting the crap beat out of me as well. I’d pay that price!!  

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