Life on the Street

I stopped at a red light behind a lady spraying her hair to death with aerosol hair spray with her windows closed. My heart started racing as I thought about following her for a while to see if she started swerving everywhere from “huffing” hair spray. Then I was even more excited as I thought about the possibility of her firing up a cigarette and all hell breaking loose as the windows and sunroof blow straight out from the explosion. At that point I saw that I my brain was way off track. I am used to watching tv shows or news reports where these horrible things happen to people and forgot that my situation(and those on tv) involved a real, live human being with a family and a life outside of sitting in front of me in a car. So my brain shifted gears and I moved on to being the hero that rescued her when the explosion happened and chaos ensued. There’s a good chance something like that could end up on a made for tv movie. It could happen.

My life is too boring so I ended up at my original destination drinking coffee and reading my book just as I had planned. But you have to be alert and ready for the worst case scenarios right?

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