Washer Monster

A few months ago my wife stuck a comforter in the washer. The family was scattered around the house when the washer started freaking out because it was spinning at high speeds with a lopsided load. It was rocking and throwing itself around. My two youngest were freaking out screaming “the washer, the washer!!!”. I calmly told my son to hit the power button but he wouldn’t get near it. I went in and turned it off and thus saved my children from certain doom. Again, I am a hero.

But now my children suffer from post-bad load syndrome. Everytime the washer goes into spin cycle and makes a little noise either of my youngest will get a little excited and ask if it’s supposed to be doing that. It’s sad that they’ll now grow up thinking the washer is their enemy. I can see me explaining this to their future spouses when they ask why my children refuse to wash clothes.

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