Christians and the way the express their opinions

Quote from a person I just un-friended on Facebook, “My wife cried when she had to go back to work with our first two kids. Providentially, Nuther momma was able to help. I’ve since learned better. My wife needs to stay home with our kids. Read this article about new research into the facts about sending your child to daycare. And for those of you who have wives who stay… home, love them even more for giving every day of their life to raise your kids to love God and each other. ” Fortunately my wife had already un-friended this dude and his goofy wife. This incident he is talking about happened over 6 years ago so his purpose was not to celebrate their decision but to let everyone know they are RIGHT which he backs with his little article.

Most people would say that the biggest hinderance to Christianity is the rampant hypocrisy(imagined or real) in the church. This is what keeps them from even entertaining the thought of what it means to be a Christian…a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Lets say a person gets past that, which is usually because they meet someone who is really a believer, and they decide to check church out. I’d like to say that the second biggest hinderance they will face is having to deal with people like the fellow I quoted. People who have turned their own opinions into “Christian doctrine”…mom’s should stay home, children should be home schooled, you will go to hell for letting alcohol touch your lips, you should be at church everytime the doors are opened, don’t vote Democrat, no R rated movies(unless it’s just because it’s violent), only listen to Christian music, and I could write more. These are not written down anywhere but are picked up only through continual contact, conversations with and exposure to this “type” of believer.

The solution to keep from falling for these schemes is to know what the whole bible says about these things. However, the people who are susceptible to believing this junk might not even know a single bible verse. And what is truly horrible is the people who are espousing this junk would claim they know the bible backward and forward. So this new church visitor or seeker has trusted their believer friend and steps into the church with a level of trust that the others they meet will be much like their friend. For the most part there are a bunch of happy, smiling faces and no one comes up and says “make sure you are home schooling your children”. It will be expressed more along the lines of side comments overheard like “I don’t see how anyone would want their child in the public school system with so much wickness and un-Godly teaching”.  A open, thinking person might not agree with that comment but it is going to fit snuggly in their head in a category known as “Stuff Christians Belief”. That is when it becomes a subtle brain washing. By the way, if you want to see how these things really play out check this book out(Stuff Christians Like). This book is wet-your-pants funny.

Here’s what I think. God made each one of us with all our quirks. When the bible says that we are all being made in Christ’s likeness(2 Corinthians), it did not mean we are going to be little carbon copies of each other. There are too many stories of great, Godly men and women in the bible who made some huge mistakes. These “failures” shared one quality…they got back on their feet and started their journey with God again(Proverbs). Most fortunate for them there were no public schools back then so that sin had not been created yet.

Christians and non-Christians alike must be solid in their convictions but remember the freedom God has given us. No one is going to be made to become a Christian. It is a decision that requires thought just like any other decision and most importantly faith.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

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