World hunger or this….

I live in the middle of nowhere so when my kids go to the bus stop I sit with them. 3 buses all about an hour apart. I’ve been doing this for a few years. Today I noticed that I have an anxiety as the bus pulls up, kids gets on, and the bus drives off. The timing of my good morning wave(and afternoon wave on pickup) to the bus driver is something I struggle with. I noticed that I will watch for the bus driver to look and wave. Timed just right I get a wave back. While I’m watching for a look I also am looking for the driver to launch “first wave”. So there’s this intense 1 minute where I am watching and waiting to make sure I’m not seemingly rude. Sometimes I wave, he/she doesn’t see me and we drive apart with a waveless morning. Sometimes I wave, they don’t wave back and then they launch what they think is first wave and of course I wave back. As far as I know the driver may be waving after I’ve already given up and driven off. So that’s my anxiety, whatever the outcome is I’m afraid they will think I’m rude. I’m definitely retarded.

I need to listen to the wisdom of my 11 year old son. I make him get out of the car as the bus is approaching so he can get on right when she opens the door. I told him that it’s rude to wait for them to pull up then get out and make them wait…they have a lot of stops. And he responded “that’s what they get for being bus drivers”. I’m assuming he meant that they knew they would be dealing with rude, undisciplined midgets when they took the job. So what if they don’t see me wave, I’m not rude and don’t have to prove it.

I’ll give them a Christmas present like I do every year. That’s worth a thousand waves, right? Now, I can worry about bigger and better things.

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