The horror

I can’t express what a terrible day it’s been on all fronts. I got my butt kicked at work. Very busy which is not a problem but the people who are there to support me were not the least bit helpful. My cell phone worked intermittently through the morning. My second appointment left before I got there which is RUDE so I had to sit around and wait for him to return. This is after lunch time and I hadn’t had lunch so I was starving and irritable. Raced home to meet a friend who helped me get my zero-turn on a trailer and to the shop, and then back to work.

In the middle of that I had a close friend forward a series of email exchanges between he and I to my wife. His reason was to pass along info related to our last email. No big deal except there were some previous comments made that she did NOT need to see. Apologized quickly to both even though my friend is a moron for doing it. A little uncomfortable but I survived(so far).

I need a break from the turmoil and it’s only Monday! Please don’t let Tuesday be part two…please.

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