Sometimes I think my brain allows me to take a break from the insanity of life. The normal thought routines, expectations, goals, whatever my brian typically clings to can be put on hold. Putting them on hold is not how it happens though…that sounds too much like I have something to do with it. My brain will get to a point where it doesn’t know what to do. No tasks, children settled, wife occupied with something, no bills to pay, nothing on tv, and I think…now what? Combine that with exhaustion, and the depression from being the end of the weekend, and sometimes I’ll sit down and do nothing.

This time I grabbed a book and sat on the front porch. It had been raining most of the afternoon so it was a lot cooler than normal. Three deer ran off when I walked out the door. No irritating bugs, the sun was out a little and there was a light rain. I sat down and couldn’t read for a while because of the insane peace! And no one interrupted it. When I was done I got up and went inside rested.

I am thankful to my brain and I think my brain is thankful that I did something useful with the time it gave me. Go ahead…call the guys in the white jackets.

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