What has happened to me? I’ll tell ya…

Sitting here at 6:30 am at another child’s event waiting for the start, I had the shocking realization that I am surrounded by the type folks I could not stand when I was in high school…jocks. Not the kids, their parents. I know…I’m shouldn’t be judging but I’m just sayin’.

In high school I was a major pot smoker(druggy), easy going, and everyone was my friend. Even so, I didn’t care for jocks. They were way too driven in all areas of life. That was not cool and no fun.

I was accidentally successful in the restaurant/bar industry but mostly mosied through much of my life just following the flow. Then a light switch went off when I turned 29. My first radical, original goal was to quit as GM of a major restaurant and go back and finish college…working from a .5 gpa. When I put my notice in the owner was so shocked he fired me.

21 years later, I am a professional on the I.T. side of the finance world, married to a professional, 5 healthy smart kids, hanging out with folks on the other side of the fence.

Most amazing is that somewhere along the way I discovered that there is a God who loves me more than anyone I’ve known in this world. Most of my life I was sure that God was very much like the people that say they know him…inflexible, judgemental hypocrits. However, that is not the God of the bible I’ve come to know.

Random thought, somewhat related… if pot was legal it would totally replace my coffee addiction. Thank God it’s not AND I’m sure that’s why it will not be legalized in my lifetime. It’s the same purpose God has in not being able to afford a Porsche. There’s a good chance I would not use it responsibly. Peace!

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