Band Wins Football Game!

Clearly high school football is a primarily a social event. I’m sure the kids want their team to do good and win but they do not want to be bothered with the details. I bet if I asked 10 kids in this stadium what the score is they couldn’t tell me. Our team is killing the other team.

My 6th grade son wanted to come because all his friends were going to be here. I went because it meant I could people watch. Tonite has been chocked full of behavior that can only be explained by stupidity, or “having fun” as some might call it. And of course parents and youth alike shared the spotlight

Standing next to the fence at a quiet end of the field by a couple of garbage cans allowed me to observe and uncover some facts that I would have never known:

*a lot of teenage boys can not hit the garbage can if it is over one arm length away.
*other people are invisible to teenagers. I had a ton of free space around me yet several groups of teenagers stood so close I thought they were going to pick my pocket. But I don’t think they could see me. However one adult stood so uncomfotably close I thought he was about to get fresh. Personal space people!
*after a few discussions with others I found that the fence is where people go when they get tired of sitting near the football player moms.

Our team won but the band stole the show. They played some funky music and were totally sold out to the show. When they played people paid attention. The fence dwellers like myself even turned around to watch. It was a great evening. Now I have to find my son.

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