Fired up!

What a blast! I didn’t realize what a difference it makes when you get your blog setup in a way that you like with stuff that you like. I found a great custom template, I poked around and found some widgets, and I’ve made it where I can blog from my Berry if I feel like it…including Twittering and adding Picasa pics. I really like the idea that Picasa can slideshow to your blog. I see stuff all day that I would love to take pictures of and comment on. Mostly involving idiots and morons…the people God loves the most(confusing statement I know). My 8 year old daughter is reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and told me the boy talks about the idiots he goes to school with. She said “that sounds like you daddy!”. I tell her all the time that I am wrong for saying that which is usually followed by some rationalization why I do it. I’m a sick man. I have completely gotten off topic too.

Deep down inside my purpose for this site was to just be able to verbalize and release some things I think about. Normally I tend to hold back from speaking what’s on my mind and see over and over again that over time I become an emotional time bomb. I hope this will provide some training for me to eventually get these things out verbally when needed. To “keep it real” not one person in my life knows I have this site. If I told anyone I know that it would inhibit me from spilling my guts out about whatever and whoever I wish. It’s my virtual vacation beach house….a place for me to step outside of the person I’ve become. I’m hoping to stretch that box a little too.

I feel much better about this now that my spiffy little blog site is setup. I noticed that while I’m moving throughout my day things are registering that I would like to write about and I can’t wait to get back and write.

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