Sick of Sick

For the last month I’ve sounded like I have a bad cold. My sinuses are messed up big time and I’ve been coughing like I have emphysema. Except for the first week I haven’t felt real bad. I’ve had a bunch of friends tell me I need to go to the doctor and I told them I probably would but never did. I had my asthma emergency prednisone and started taking that. A doc friend prescribed some antibiotics that I took for 10 days but neither helped. I felt like it was going away but it really just kept lingering.

What made me go to the doctor was a combination of getting tired of explaning to people that I’m OK and not dying and actually feel good and am getting better. Then they roll their eyes and say “whatever”. Then I started getting paranoid “maybe it’s pneumonia, ephysema, tuberculosos or CANCER!”. So I went to the doctor Wednesday.

I have one of the most renoun allergist in the country and was not looking forward to telling him I had been sick for a month, I took prednisone without seeing if I needed to, and a friend perscribed antibiotics. I imagined he would throw me out. Fortunately, he wasn’t in and I got his nurse practioner. I told her this stuff and her eyes were just kind of locked on me like “you must be kidding?”. But because she is not the real doctor I gather she held her tongue. THEN, she ordered a breathing treatment, and prescribed more prednisone and a stronger anti-biotic for 21 days. Dang! So, I started taking them that day and it seemed like the next day I was 75% better. But now I have to take this stinkin medication full term.

What I think about most is the people that were getting mad because I would not go to the doctor. It’s one thing for someone to say “have you gone to the doctor?” feigning concern as opposed to the ones that looked like they were going to punch me for not doing it. I had one lady ask me again and when I told her again that I would go to the doctor held her hand to my face and said “don’t want to hear it, just do it”. I love those guys.

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