Intelligent Decisionmaking…eliminated and rare.

Something I’ve noticed in my dealings at home and work. People who are accustomed to telling people what to do all the time should be accustomed to them never doing anything without being told.

There are people in my life that HAVE to tell people what to do. If you listen to them the majority of the words that come out of their mouths are in effort to straighten everyone in the world out. They believe in their head that the world can be run efficiently if everyone would just listen to them. There’s a bunch of them….perfectionist, micro-manager, anal-retentive, etc…but I gather not very many are successful at it. It may work in one area of their life but be completely ruining the other(work vs home). You’ll recognized them because they will occasionally express in some form that they are the only ones that know what they are doing and are the only ones holding things together. “Do I have to do all the work around here?”

Here’s a new one I’m trying to figure out from work. We have multiple ticketing system within our company. I am connected to 5 of these systems. I have been with the company 12 years and one thing that has never changed about any of these systems has been that we should provide great detail in the ticket notes.

I created a ticket for a tech to go to a customer site, install some network equipment and then move network traffic to this equipment. The customer said that the traffic could be brought down at 6:15pm and that the tech could go onsite prior to 6:15 to install the equipment. I included that in the notes and put down the desired customer time as “CALL”, a term we use that implies that our tech will need to call the customer and arrange the time he will be onsite. The manager reviews the ticket and emails me to find out when the tech could go onsite and to chastise me for not being exact, “What time should he be there…4:15, 5:15, ????”.

My conclusion so far is that no matter how much information you provide some people, it will never be enough for them to move forward. Depending on their personality it’s possible they will do their best to make sure you know it is YOUR incompetency that is holding up progress. I repeated in the email EXACTLY what I wrote in the notes and he said “OK”. Magic…

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