We need to lighten up!

All the pieces of the temple were by God’s design and together each of the pieces were used to bring people into the presence of God and reveal God. Praying and reading our bibles are both things that can be used to do the same. I think that anything we try to do in our time with God is from a sincere heart for HIM. So maybe our feeling of failure in our “quiet time” is from trusting our feelings too much or judging ourselves by someone else’s standards. We are striving too hard for a feeling of being close and doing right instead of just acknowledging that HE is close. The reality for believers is that HE is close and HE is with us and HE loves us. We are unable to comprehend the extent of his everlasting love and faithfulness. Moses again and again griped about the Israelites and had to deal with their overwhelming sinfulness. When my life is surrounded in struggles I always feel like God is nowhere to be found. But during his trials Moses never revealed that he thought God was nowhere to be found. His conversations with God continued. This is the guy that God told “I AM”. He still IS. Maybe we just need to suck it up on how we feel, and just learn to enjoy the fact that he has placed a desire in us to be near him and we are going to die trying to get there! If we have a planned quiet time…so what? If our prayers are weak….so what? If our time with him is 10 minutes or 5 hours….so what? The question is WHY are you doing it and WHAT do you want out of it?

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