Theology and Geometry website

I was browsing blogs a few days ago and freaked out when I found Theo/Geo. When I was in 10th grade I experienced Geometry and it intrigued me more than any course I’ve ever taken. I was a druggie and was not interested in anything related to school. When I got in this class something clicked and I was totally into it. Our teacher allowed us to use our books to proof our equations with the theorems. We had to answer the question and list the theorems we used. I was good at it and made straight A’s. I’m positive that groups of teachers sat around trying to figure out how I was stoned all the time, making A’s in Geometry and just about failing everything else.

Fast forward to my 30’s, I became a believer in Jesus Christ and began reading my bible like a mad man. The bible became my new proof book but for my life. As I learned more and more about God’s word I began to see how the truths fit in my personal life. As I grew more and more in my knowledge of the Word I could see the Holy Spirit using it through out my day to help me understand my life and how it related to God. I would be discussing issues with friends and acquaintances and occasionally I would be reminded of a bible verse that applied directly to what we were discussing. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Our discussions were NOT in regard to evangelism, theological debates, or even God. We were just talking. I can’t tell you how many times my Christian friends have said “you love doing that don’t you?”(putting the pieces together). Eventually I made the connection that the same fire that made me successful in that geometry class was what working in applying my theology to life. I’ve used this story with several of my children to explain how you never know how you will use what you learn in school. I really can’t think of any other areas I apply too much geometry.

The result: I had the same guy cutting my hair for years. We became friends and he was not a believer. It seems like everytime I’d go in he’d share with me struggles that he was having(divorce, children, work, etc…). It also seems like everytime he shared I had a bible verse that I had read and it seemed like it was solely for me to give to him. I shared it only how I applied it to myself and not how he should apply it in his life. We did this for at least 3 years. One day he called and left me a voice mail saying “call me as soon as you get a chance”. I called worried that he had a personal emergency but instead he wanted to let me know that he had made a decision to follow Christ and was getting baptized. He went on to tell me how God had used me and several other customers to help him see who God really is. I never once shared the gospel with him. And he heard the gospel at church after accepting an invite to church by another customer. is a very interesting site. The name of the site has no link to theology or geometry but I appreciate it just the same.

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