California saves the children!

I was so thankful that Santa Clara, CA decided to pass some kind of law removing toys from children’s meals because it causes children to make bad food choices. This is a great deal because it will also cut down on many other problems caused by these toy/food combinations.

For instance, it will cut down on the additional traffic created by all the little kids cramming onto the streets to pickup a “bite to eat”. These guys don’t have any other reponsibilities so they can just head up to the closest fast food joint any time they want to get their toy…I mean dinner. It is hard to navigate our roads with these little hellions disobeying traffic laws and driving willy-nilly all over the place.

I can’t help but think….where are they getting the money? I suspect our crime rate will drop because these guys can’t work so how do they support their toy habit? Back in my day we depended on allowance to pay for a special trip to the fast food place. Now, wiith toys added to the menu it has caused an insatiable appetite in children that is not going to be satisfied by a parent buying a fix every once in a while.

The REAL problem is these children have their hands so far up their puppet parents butts that the parents don’t even know that they are NOT in control. My wife is a pediatrician and here is a conversation she has quite frequently:

“What does he eat?” (referring to the three year old)
“All I can get him to eat is chicken nuggets!”
“Who buys them?”
“Me”….blank stare, silence….they don’t get it.

These people will continue to make babies and keep the fast food toy racket running strong a long time after I’m dead.

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